The processing and recycling of electronics and electrical equipment calls for a professional and certified partner. One that not only processes your belongings responsibly, but also ensures that both you and the environment reap the benefits. Huiskes is specialized in this field. We process many types of electronics, including return goods (reverse logistics).


We operate our modern machinery according to the strictest European standards applied by WEEELABEX. We are also ISO certified. Huiskes provides environmentally friendly solutions for your electronics and scrap metals. We separate raw materials using the cleanest technologies available, and aim for the highest possible recycling rate.

Reliable destruction

We vouch for the reliable destruction of data carriers and products. We give you the opportunity to be present. If desired, we can produce a certificate of destruction. Huiskes invariably provides you with a CO² reduction report. Thanks to our internet portal, efficient digital processing of delivery and handling is possible. Enquire about the possibilities available.

Types of electronics

You can contact Huiskes to carry out the processing of all equipment with a mains power connection or battery. This includes not only discarded or defective appliances, but also new products due to excess stocks, production outages or reverse logistics.


We guarantee a high recycling rate, thanks to our specialised dismantling department and our high-quality machinery. Here, we process electronics into secondary raw materials in an environmentally friendly manner.

The following are examples of materials we recycle:

  • Household appliances: kitchen appliances, televisions, radios, video equipment, etc.
  • IT equipment: computers, printed circuit boards, components, peripherals, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, etc.
  • Office equipment: printers, faxes, monitors, keyboards, printed circuit boards, SIM cards and other IT equipment
  • Toys: game consoles, electronic games, PC boxes, adapters, power supplies, servers, etc.
  • Cables: all types of cables
  • Automotive components: all conceivable car parts


Do you want to segregate various waste materials in a responsible and efficient manner and have them processed into high-quality end products? Huiskes can do so for you. Thanks to our modern machinery, we make sure that your waste also provides a return for you.

Huiskes boasts the following resources:

  • Sorting line for electronics and electrical appliances
  • Shredder system
  • Cable shredder line for processing cables
  • Coarse shredder system for white and brown goods and for prosperity scrap, such as bicycles and car parts
  • Compactors to compress materials
  • Disassembly line for objects such as transformers and boilers
  • Manual sorting line to separate materials from white and brown goods
  • Facilities to separate plastics from metal

Reverse logistics

Have you already discovered the added value of return goods? Huiskes offers an efficient solution for reverse logistics. Consider, for instance, surplus stock or warranty goods. We have a special department that carries out the disassembly of these high-quality and often theft-sensitive materials.

Everything under one roof

We process complex return flows within our modern recycling plant. We take care of the logistics, processing and optimal reuse of materials and components. And all of this is carried out under one roof.

Internet portal

We have a WEEELABEX certified process of planning, processing and controllable monitoring. This enables us to reap the maximum benefits of the potential reuse of products, raw materials and materials. Our internet portal also enables efficient, digital handling of delivery and handling. Do you already benefit from our services?

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